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Long term Hemodialysis Catheter

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Product features


1. It is made of TPU material, the tube is soft, not easy to cause damage to blood vessels.

2. Indwelling time more than 30 days.

3. Through the subcutaneous trocar, tube is not easy to fall off.

4. Dacron cuff is greatly reduce the infection rate and don't add an extra burden of heart.

5. Without cardiopulmonary recycling, do not need to radial artery, vein ligation of autologous blood vessels, such as "stolen blood syndrome" was not occurred; left little injury after pulling out the catheter.

6. For elderly patients, kidney transplantation patients and End-stage renal patients, long-term hemodialysis catheters can be used to establish semi-permanent dialysis access to reduce the trauma caused by repeated puncture.