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                                                                                Central Venous Catheter
    Product features

    1. Medical grade TPU material, good biocompatibility;

    2. Catheter will be soften under the temperature of 37°, which may reduce the damage to human tissue.

    3. Blood flow of catheter meets the maximum clinical requirements.

    Product order information

    Central venous catheter

    Products Structure Produts Specification Products StructureProduts SpecificationProducts StructureProduts Specification
    Single Lumen20GDouble Lumen5FTriple Lumen 5.5G
    Single Lumen 18G Double Lumen 7FTriple Lumen 7F
    Single Lumen 16G Double Lumen 8FTriple Lumen 8.5
    Single Lumen 14G Double Lumen 11.5FTriple Lumen 11.5F
    Double Lumen 4F Double Lumen 12FTriple Lumen 12F