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Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter

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Product features

1.The peritoneal catheter is indicated for acute and chronic peritoneal dialysis and intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

2.Peritoneal dialysis catheters are made of translucent silicone rubber tubing containing radiopaque stripe.

3.A variety of lengths and cuff configurations are available in straight, curled, and V-Neck catheter styles.

The peritoneal dialysis catheter kit contains the basic items needed to insert a peritoneal catheter percutaneously: a straight or V-Neck straight or Curl catheter with single or double cuff (specified at time of order), a 16 Fr/Ch pull-apart introducer, an 18 G introducer needle, a 10 mL syringe, a J/straight guidewire, tunneling stylet, #11 scalpel, gauze sponges, Beta-Cap adapter, cap, clamp, and instructions.